Malphite Ult is too OP

Malphite Ult is way too OP that enourmous damage, hard CC Its the strongest Ult by far in this game. Especially because of the AP ratio Its an aoe nuke that kills everything, From squishy to tanks Maokai is literally unplayable in this season as well as other tanks which dont have much damage and only cc because all assasines like pyke, zed, kata, akali can just focus squishy damage dealer and ignore the tank because it doesnt do damage anyway Basically all champions that have Energy instead of mana are currently too strong Pyke too obviously Its so frustrating Ults where you literally DO NOTHING about, where you are just dead without counterplay Annie, Hecarim, and Malph, you can do nothing and since malphite is the one with most aoe damage its the strongest one
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