Guess the Champion

Well this champion have like 42 passives, let's start with the ones I remember. Passive: Your basic attack deal bleed damage, these can stack up to 5 times, dealing 500% damage, and if you apply 5 stacks, you get at lvl 18 200 bonus AD, also you apply all the 5 stacks to every other enemy champion you hit with your basic attacks or abilities. Q: You get healed based on the ammount of enemies hitten by this skill, up to 36% of your missing hp, this means that if you are a tank and almost dead, you get a 2nd life! Isn't it awesome?! W: Slow the enemy hitten by this attack, allowing you to reposition to deal maximum damage with your Q E: YOU GET FREE ARMOR PENETRATION! AWESOME! R: Now let's start the funny part, you oneshot everything that have your 5 stacks, [I mean 600 + 150% bonus (remember those +200 bonus AD from your actual passive? that's enought to deal 900 true damage even if you have bought literally 0 AD) AD as true damage should be enought to oneshot people in a teamfight where everyone have lost 50% of their max hp], also, since this is not powerfull enought (why giving you a skill that oneshot only 1 player?) if you kill (you will) a champion with this skill, minions and monsters will shit on their pants and run away from such a monster, and you will get a reset of this skill, oh yeah you also istantly get the full passive, allowing you to put 5 stacks on every enemy champion and (in case you didn't had it before) getting the +200 bonus AD passive, this way, if you were like afk and kill someone with 1 hp in a teamfight, you can start just oneshotting everything like a brainless death machine, just remember to use your Q to put the 5 stacks on the opponents. Oh yeah in case they survive they will die for the bleeding, so yeah... Also, remember to get the new awesome and totally balanced Keystone, the one that gives you something like 40% of your Max HP as a shield if you use your E in a teamfight! In case you still didn't realize who is the champion, let me show you a screenshot where we can see mr balanced in all his awesome balanceness, with stats like 406 AD, 3933 HP, 318 Armor and just 220 MR, with another awesome item that revives him in case he dies! P.S. I don't care if he was fed, I was more fed than him but had not those stats :) P.S. I just bought him, was Top vs Nasus and Amumu Jungler, won 16/4/10 with 321 minions, got S+, FIRST TIME!
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