Small Quality of Life change for Anivia (Anivia mains read and post your thoughts)

As anyone who plays Anivia might have noticed, if you use your wall on or too near an enemy when they are under tower, you draw turret focus. I don't know if this was intended or not, but the same does not apply for earning assists. Is it possible to change it so that the wall can grant assists, or remove the turret agro one gets if the enemy is under tower, it should be one or the other really. How?: give it a thin aura or something that recognises impact and maybe apply the same to other terrain skills Also, on a separate but related note, is it possible to make the wall just a tiny bit thicker? As it stands, occasionally champs still walk through it or get weirdly lodged inside it and can then sometimes choose which way to escape, and if you put up the wall most "melee" champs if not all can still hit you through it. I think some like Trydamere or Atrox maybe, but not champs like voli should be able to, and I think just a tiny bit more would help reduce the frequency of that happening. A small "buff" would be a mini knock back on the wall, forcing enemies clearly to one side or the other, it kinda does that already, but the "kinda" makes it a bit inconsistent, however changing this could potentially create a lot more power for anivia, since terrain skills have so many applications as it is, even the smallest change could be used to give sudden powerspikes, like acting as a mini-stun or knocking people through/over walls (like taliyah W can sometimes inconsistently do). Anyway, just some thoughts, even if the idea is rejected it'd be nice to get some feedback.
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