Need an explanation

Hey I am a player that has been playing this game for 10 months so i dont really know a lot about the system itself.So i was wondering if someone can explain matchmaking in ranked to me.The reason i am asking is beacuse i have been playing a lot of ranked trying to get back to silver since i got placed in b4 i did manage to get back to silver last night.But while i was playing ranked and especialy when i hit bronze 1 the matchmaking got weird.For example my team would have all bronze players and enemy all silver and higher silver not s5 but s4 and above.Also in my team there would be a bronze 4.I am not saying that that there is much difference between bronze and silver but when in my team bronze 4 is laneing against silver 2 i am not really sure how fair that is.So division wise the matchmaking didnt seem fair at all so that is why i wanted to know more about the matchmaking itself.So can someone please explain? :) Ps:I hope i am posting in a right thread
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