Riot Balancing Champions *RIP*

OK so , they decided to give Renekton and Blitzcrank a new passive that completely destroyes the idea of champs that have got a shield like Shen for real .. that is his passive , to shield himself.. ( RIP Tahm Kench TOP and Support ) ... Another buff on katarina .. 60% reduced healing ... like it was not enough to be in lane with her! Picking Kled top is 100% rate to tilt your enemy Mundo ( 60% reduced healing + executioner = rage quit mundo ) ... YOU killed Aatrox's ultimate by removing his abillity to ressurect ... So... Gj balance team , you did it once again , trying to balance things u made the game even worse Everyone are spamming now only Katarina , Blitz , Renekton and Kled
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