Its ironic that Riot blames Support Role for the lack of direction their game have right now

There is something odd happening in game direction this season. I don't know if there was some changes in the design team at Riot but they seems totally lost or maybe in panic for Season 7. It is known that there is stagnation in player count and some people leaving the game. There is maybe a lot of reasons for that that happened in S6 and i can bet its more because of Overwatch than removing Solo/Duo Queue. For many months Riot was trying to make the game more focused on teamwork. As far as i can remember it started when they decided to make wards limited to 3 per player and then gradually enforcing e-sports positions meta to the general public (Smite linked items). To be honest I liked that complex strategies and it is part of the reason I play this game as I don't have Korean Fingers. We had it going in single direction in S6 * Rift herald --> needs good communication between top and jungler * Smitebuffs --> increasing the options for playing in the jungle if things goes wrong on lanes * Dragon types --> contesting prorities based on team composition (it would be better if the teams could influence Dragon spawn type by actions not RNG ) * Dynamic Queue --> more people in the team on the same page Then something happened (probably when the Fire Nation attacked) : * Asassin Reworks --> Assasins perfectly matches the solo carry archetype players which are bind to toxic behaviors most of the time * apparently they want to enforce people either play blind pick or ranked on Summoners Rift --> its like forcing people to go naked in plague diseased swamp where people just want to survive * Testing Grounds --> removing players form active matchmaking which impacts negatively queue times and where you can't test teamwork strategies * Plants --> RNG (I have no words to describe this) * Solo Queue is back (with duo as exception is just WTF!?) --> promoting ego players to ignore teamwork again > And they wonder why people don't want to play support in a game that is again going in the direction of "I CARRY MY TEAM OTHERS ARE NOOB ANIMALS"
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