Guess the champ

Hey guys. This is a game I like to play. I make up a riddle to describe the champ and the other person has to tell me which champ it is. I will start with an easy one below and tell me who it is in the comments. I will post the name of the first person to get it right. #1 **I come from Zaun, where they always called me mad You can build me tanky and AP, and will make all enemies sad** _-ShadWooo got it right with {{champion:36}} _ #2 **I am a small, furry creature, who will poisen and blind you Moving fast is another ability, that I can do** _-FuGiTiVeZ got it right with {{champion:17}} _ #3 **I come from Demacia, I am bright as the sun But if you mess with me, I will give you a stun** _-FuGiTiVeZ got it right with {{champion:99}} _ #4 **I come from the void, and have the ability to grow And building me tanky, is some advice you should know** _-2 Bards 1 Chime got it right with {{champion:31}} _ #5 **I come from Demacia, some people call me the might And my passive keeps me ready for a fight** _-im car got it right with {{champion:86}} _ #6 **Some people relate me with pirates, because of the cat o'nine tails But I am not gangplank, and no seas will I sail** _-Great Gaic got it right with {{champion:103}} _

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