so Xayah and rakan already gets theire third skin what about kled aurelion ivern

Aurelion sol has been waiting the longest time for a skin Jhin got released before Aurelion sol and Jhin has 4 skins already when aurelion just has 1 . Xayah and rakan got released after Camille but Aurelion , Kled , Ivern , Taliyah and Camille her self all have only 1 skin is it fair to give Xayah and Rakan and Jhin way more skins then other champions . Some champions are waiting for 2 -3 years to get a skin when champs like jhin and lux and annie get one every 8 months or whatever . Ryze has been reworked countless times and Aurelion still has no new skin so how long does he need to wait for a cool dragon skin. sorry for me bad english
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