...and then a smurf joined the game

So, I've just finished a game, in which we had a (plat, apparently) smurf, Lee jungle. Now, I don't care about having smurfs in my games because for every time there's one in my team, there's a game where I'm up against one. But it discouraged me quite a bit, and here's why; I see myself as a bad player, but I'm spending much time learning, rather than grinding games, and as a result I'm climbing at a steady rate. Now, my main "safe" pick is Zac top. I have read about him more than about any champ, and have played him more than any other champ. I thought I knew how to build him in various situations. But our smurf pointed out I was "building him wrong" (I was going full tank, had Sunfire, Tabis, SV and a Thornmail already), because I didn't have large AP items. And that was quite discouraging, because if I apparently didn't even know my main champ, I know even less about the rest of the pool, I can imagine. He also angrily called me out on pushing top (mid & bot were pushed). I push lanes (warding as I go) quite often because in my elo many people care more about KDA than pushed lanes and objectives. Now he was probably right about those things (he's plat, after all), but apparently after all that time learning I still don't know much more about the game than a new player. I did well (11/0/11), but it felt really, really bad. So have any of you guys had similar experiences? Because right now, I'm doubting to even continue with this game.
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