Do people really bind their skills to Q-R?

So, I've been playing League for some 3 odd years now. If I recall correctly, the game has skills automatically bound to Q-R. However, I changed that pretty much immediately, in many other games, WASD or QWES are used to control the camera and I was too used to that. So I bound my skills to 1-4. That leaves of course the two summoners. Originally I had them bound to 5 and 6, but since those keys are a quite far from the others, it often resulted in under or overreaching. I kept the first summoner spell bound to 5, and used the F key to bind Flash. Of course you also need keybinds to use items with, I've designated z, x and c to those (v for the trinket). I've always thought that most were like me and would quickly re-bind their skills to 1-4 or atleast away from Q-R. You can still talk about the skills as Q-R, since it's the standard we're used to, it's a bit more elegant that referring to E as someone's 3 or 'that champion's third skill'. However, lately I've been doubting this. So my question is, what keybinds do you use for skills, summoners, items. If you do use Q-R for the skills, how on earth do you move the camera in-game, did you just go with the set of lower keys? Do you notice the difference when playing other games?
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