Smart Dodging

So, I just dodged a game of Ranked Solo/Duo. I did this because we had a guy who was going Yasuo jungle, and because the salt bombs in bot thought it was a guaranteed loss they lock in Shaco support with tp and ignite and Heimerdinger adc with flash and tp. So, because I do not want to be locked into a game with 3 basically troll picks I dodge, losing me like 5 lp and locking me out from playing a game for 30 minutes (I dodged a normal today as well because I was looking for some fun and someone banned my champ) and because of that I can't play another game today as I only had 75 minutes and 45 minutes isn't enough for me to be reliable in ending the game. And I get that because of dodging, I slowed 9 people, of which 6 didn't deserve the extra wait, in joining a game and getting to play and I'm sorry for them, but I also don't want to be in a game where the odds of us winning are véry minimal. So, can we like install a system that sees which champion is wanted by which player in that game (a.k.a. when you select a champion before ban-phase) and which champions have been locked in by which role, and let the system say if it's a fine pick or if it's off-meta, or not ment for the role, and therefore it can be that someone doesn't trust the champion in that specific role? And that if someone dodges when it's one of these cases they don't get punished with (at least) an LP loss and possibly a shorter dodge timer? Because I'm always hesitant of dodging a game because I don't want to lose that 5 lp and be locked out, but I also don't want to be locked in a game with 3 trolls and lose 40 minutes of my life and 20 lp instead. Please tell me if you want this to be a thing or not, I personally really do so I don't fear trolls as much.
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