AP Bruiser Morgana (Top Lane)

So I recently thought about a build on Morgana to be a bruiser on the Top Lane going Rod of Ages, Zhonyas, Liandrys, Rylais and Spirit Visage. I'm not sure about the boots tho. As for Runes I thought about going Arcane Comet with Manaflow Band, Transcendence and Scorch or Gathering Storm and second tree: Resolve with Conditioning and Overgrowth or Revitalize. I tried it out in a custom game with bots and I thought it might work? You have lots of AP, decent resistances (through Zhonyas and Spirit Visage), a lot of healing from ur passive + Spirit Visage (and Revitalize) with the Q + W combo and do a shit ton of damage with Liandrys (also max health damage against tanks) and Rylais. Because of Rylais the cooldown of your W resets faster (because they're slowed and cant escape so fast) and you can practically spam it with the amount of Mana you have. Do you guys think it could work? I'm not a very experienced player and only Silver 4, but I only play Mages (basically) so I came up with this.
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