I just love the guys who tell me "you get carried" in /all chat...

...after overextending on toplane until I Nasus-Slow/Trundle-Slow/Voli-Throw them and my jungler picks up free kills :-) Yeah guys, you are right, my lane is indeed getting carried...but it's not me whos doing it...its not my jungler whos doing it. **Its you who is doing it.** Let me ask you a question: If I see you trying to harass me under turret for 2 minutes, but never ONCE see you leave my vision range towards the river...what do you expect to happen? Do you think I don't communicate with my jungler? Of course I do. He knows that top is unwarded. He knows that I have a powerful slow. And he can see the map, he can see that you are way overextended. And this is a teamgame. You did not queue up for a 1v1 ARAM here my friends. Your 1v1 skills don't matter if you ignore that fact. And if 2 guys team up to capitalize on your play, they are not "noob", they are not "lol carried"...they are playing this game as it is supposed to be played, taking advantage of their opponents tactical mistake. ---- So bottom line: Don't drop these lines. You are not impressing anyone with them, you are not teasing me into a 1v1 I don't have to take. And if you get angry over the fact that your opponent capitalized on a lack of vision, then the only thing that will happen is: You will lose focus, you will make more mistakes, and we will extend our lead. -frantic
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