Visual Change Suggestion - Skin Sets and Summoner's Rift

So I wanted to make a suggestion related to skins and the visuals of Summoner's Rift (This idea could potentially apply to all maps in LoL but the original idea was for SR). I've had it knocking around in my head pretty much since Elemantalist Lux came out and thought it's worth sharing, would love to hear what you guys think. My suggestion comes in two parts: The first part is simple, and will only really become relevant once the second part is explained. I think that the next Ultimate Skin should be for a mainly top lane champion, as every other role has a champion with an ultimate skin (DJ Sona support, Pulsefire Ezreal ADC, Spirit Guard Udyr jungle, and Elementalist Lux mid). This would allow for a (needless to say rich) team of ultimate skin toting champions which would just be awesome. The second part of my suggestion is that if all five champions in a team (or even 4/5 or 3/5) are using a skin from the same "set" (i.e: Arcade: Heroes, Arcade: Battle Bosses or Project etc.) the map changes to match that. So, for example, if I'm playing in a team who all have skins in the Arcade: Heroes set, the visuals on the map for everything including minions changes to the way they looked when Arcade Ahri, Corki and Ezreal came out (Skin Spotlights on youtube shows the difference quite well: The cosmetic changes shown in the video are what I'm referring to throughout this discussion). **This idea could be extended in two different ways: ** **1.** It could be made so that this only effects that team's side of the map, so if the blue team all have arcade skins then the blue team will have arcade towers and minions etc, and if the red team all have project skins then the red team will have project minions and towers. Each team would hear the music for their map style, but each team would be able to see the visual change in the other teams minions and towers etc. or **2.** if only one team has a matching set, the whole map changes to match the set, and if both teams have different matching sets, then either whichever team had first pick has the map match them, or the team that the map matches is randomised. Both teams will hear the same music and see the same visual changes. All of this could be overridden when the map changes for seasonal/new release reasons in either case. The whole thing could even be stripped back to just change the visuals of minions to match the teams set. Now the reason I mentioned Ultimate Skins first is that if this suggestions was implemented (as unlikely as that may be), it could be set so that if, in some crazy game, a team has 5 Ultimate Skins, the team's colour (as in blue or red) changes to gold (or some other shiny expensive looking colour), and the minions, buildings, and announcer all reflect this. (i.e. in replays/spectation the announcer could say "Gold team pentakill" or whatever). I think this would give players more incentive to get skins and add a little bit of extra flair to an already brilliant game. To clarify, **all of these changes would be purely cosmetic** and there would be **no in game advantage** to either team having any matching set of skins, it would just be fun to look at. I'd love to hear what you guys think, sorry it's a bit of a long one, but I really think it's at the very least an interesting idea. I welcome any questions, criticisms or suggestions about how to better implement this.

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