Please Fix Champion Shards Prices

I'm trying to unlock a new champion, and it's f'ing ridiculous! []( Xayah - 3780 BE to unlock. So far, from 2 level ups (or 3 even), I got these shards: Annie - 90 BE for disenchanting. Ashe - 90 BE for disenchanting. Aurelion Soul - 1260 BE for disenchanting. (same 6300ip champion like xayah) Garen - 90 BE for disenchanting. Master Yi x2 - 90x2 BE for disenchanting. Nunu - 90 BE for disenchanting. Twisted Fate - 270 BE for disenchanting. Xin Zhao - 270 BE for disenchanting. I keep gettin all these garbage beginner champion shards that only give 90 BE! It'd take weeks to unlock a 6300Ip champion! I understand it's very nice for new players, but it's garbage for lvl 30+ or people who have played for 1+year and don't have all champions yet (because they spent it on runes mostly). Or maybe I'm just super, SUPER unlucky with the RNG from the loot capsules, but I doubt it. I've seen some great suggestions on the forum so far, like splitting the EXP gain from matches into 50% exp and 50% BE or something for lvl 30+. Just please give us some basic BE for playing, even if it's only 25-100 for a match. It's really discouraging right now... Just wanted to post this here so hopefully Riot can see how this new BE system is for some people. I like the new BE replacement of IP. But atleast let us gain a bit some for playing matches! (and not a pathetic 500~ish total BE worthy champion shards after leveling up from 10+ matches) Personally I don't mind the high prices for the mastery level upgrade, as it's something just to show how much you love / play a champion. Just please fix the income for lvl 30+ players!!!
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