Which champions do you want to be reverted or what do you miss in leaque of legends?

I was just wondering what people think about. What i miss the most. >keep in mind that this is pure my opinion<: -------------------------------- Champions: -old fiora ( who rememeberd you could do jungle fiora btw) -old ryze ( except the permament root) -old maokai (voice and ult) -old gank plank - -old Katarina - -old kayle (the current splash art and voice of kayle is ugly in my opinion) -Old morgana voice (it is too noice and pretty irretating when you play her) -old galio - -old chogath - -old akalia - -old irelia - ~~-old leblanc ~~ Oh wait they reverted her! yes, now the others -No sXXt champions: Zoe/ sylas/ yuumi/kled/neeko ---------------------------- System stuff: -The map crystal scar -Old runes and mastery' s -The leaque client itself -IP system (just increase the number what you got back then or just make runes free) -Creating your own urf game in aram -Howling rift map skin -Old banning system -Old rift map -Many champions you could play both role AP and AD. -Old medals on the profile (but keep the division 1-4). ----------------------------- What they did right in my opinion: -Evelyn rework -Heimerdinger rework -Warwick rework -Swain rework -Urgot rework -skarner rework -Yorick rework -poppy rework mordakaiser rework im not sure yet... -Adc's update in season 6 -2 role must picking (makes the queue a lot faster except the fill option) -Attracting supports role with different items -Creative champions which are not irretating to play against like the sxxt champions: Ornn/jhin/pyke/tahmkench/ekko/camille/illiiao/kayne/ivern -Theme's like the lunar event (not all themes cuzz some are too childish, like that KDA stuff). -The plants and elemental drakes._( i know some of you don't like it due RNG. Maybe they have to fix that, but the concept is good i think. More interaction in the jungle. But the infernal dmg is too and too much, i never have seen a team lose with the 24% increase dmg buff of infernal. It is too much dmg)_ ---------------------------------
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