Why is Lux considered as a bad support?

Hiya, So I have been playing Lux support a lot recently. Mainly because I always want to fill the role left no one wants to play - that is support - and if my adc has no preference but goes "play your best" I always pick Lux. And everyone loses their minds, flaming erupts always instantly about how she is bad, can't do anything, is useless etc etc. The amount of arguments against her seem infinite. But how I see it, she is made for supporting. Amazing range, AoE Slow, "AoE" Snare, AoE Shield and to top it off a huge dmg AoE Ult with insane range. And she is sick cheap to build. Her passive works wonders with the ap support item and she thrives off a 1400 gold Mejais like no other champion. She has great DPS. She becomes a good secondary APC later in the game and in case of an AFK she can fill a lane just well. She is able to secure kills from a far and has good potential for stealing objectives and enemy buffs with the low cd long range huge dmg ult. She basically lives of the assists very well, Cheap build combined with an early Mejais. She brings good long range sustained poke to a team comp and can check brushes with her E from a far. Only cons I have figured out would be that she is very squishy, but a good use of her shield and Q allows her to escape many situations. She doesn't have a real escape mechanic either but neither do many other supports, Leo and Thresh to name few of the most popular ones. These reasons also make me not want to play her on a solo lane if I am not forced to (if the lane goes afk that is). So why is she so unpopular as Support?
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