Petition to rework pantheon to incorporate some sort of counter play!!!

Been playing league for many years now, and im obviously not the best or any where near. Still learning with every game. But there is one champ that seems to just piss me off on a cellular level. Pantheon! This Mofo does not care if you've killed him once twice or 4 times if your in his lane he is the boss and hes the one who will farm. And if his mana is down he may allow you to farm under turret, MAY allow you! Ganks? Yeah they help alot and allow you some time to free farm but not enough gold to fight him because hes probably already zoned you from the cs you needed to get ahead and this kill and/or cs from the gank just makes you even. Considering his ad scaling and his kit your going to lose in a skirmish, full on drawn out fight and in poke. I mean yeah maybe you could pick like some adc top to be too far for him to %%%% you but then he just dives with his jungle and boom. Suddenly useless all game again. Or perhaps you could swap bot and top and put both top laners equally behind? But who are we kidding this is solo q/flex q no one does that. So you see the general argument for pantheon is that hes useless late game which i completely agree with provided the rest of his team isnt fed or even even with your team because you are essentially pretty useless as panth has denied your from the kills or cs you need to build the items you would usually have had, had you been against any other top laner by then. So in short, Panth is in no way useless late game, he has the damage, the cc, the tankiness and an ult that allows him to be every where so that catching his team out without him isn't a matter of keeping track of his tp (which he doesn't ave cuz he takes ignite), its a matter or positioning to avoid his ult which in most cases means disengaging from the enemy team or allowing panth to cc all of you. So my proposition is simple. Rework him so that he actually isnt the most easily dominant champ in the game and involve some risk in his kit. E.g i was playing yasuo against him and dare i say i am really good with him. Now i know the deal. Dont feed him. play like a %%%%%. wait for ganks. And i did all of the above. But guess what? 2 kills ahead of him and three assists and still cant fight him. He is simply too strong. Now if we throw in some skill shots, rework his stun so you need a brain to use it or maybe make his e range and width a lot smaller? Then we may have a champion worth playing! All im saying is that ive been 1/12 on yasuo before and still been able to make an impact against the enemy team as yasuo, but along comes panth, im ahead and still cant make so much as a dent in the enemy team with this spartan god protecting them! (love panth doe for real <3)
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