MF Nerf

I know her passive early game had to be nerfed a bit,cause let's realise it double up through a minion dying and hitting the enemy champion was too much damage,but stop nerfing her damages,that's the only thing she has, no escapes, no dashes and her ult can be stopped by a million things. She isnt actually good if her team doesnt communicate and synergise well with her from the start so she can even start dishing out the damage if that doesn't happen. Yes her damage is quite strong but let's face it, if you're playing solo and everyone picks champs they want to play but not synergise with her she doesnt do much unless you're some lcs or godlike player. And to those who are gonna start commenting she does so much damage,actually there are quite a few other adcs that do even more damage and they havent been touched,and that's cause people don't play them competitevely cause they arent really good at teamfights. But for teamfights to happen in an efficient way you need communication.On a side note-with the e nerf you hit ap mf ;-;
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