So why is Darius so strong ?(QQ thread)

Warning: I got beaten by a Darius last game, but it is not the first time i lose a game against Darius ( i never play top ), I just got tired, please ignore the thread if you believe Darius is ok. Hey, so call me a noob boosted bronze whatever but I have no idea why that champ is so strong when he requires absolutely 0 skill .His "combo" consists of hits, Q which is AoE and Ult that by the time he uses it he already has a ton of ad but also deals true damage cuz why not( seriously tho why?). Lets see his kit : Passive: Bleed - so you won't win a trade. AD Steroid - as if the Bleed wasn't enough. Q: Damage is decent but the real cool stuff that Darius absolutely needs and from a Thematic point of view makes sense - He heals for his missing HP. 12% for each enemy up to 36% ( he's building tank so that's a lot). W: Slow 90% for 1 second and resets auto attack timer to make sure he gets 1000 stacks of bleed on you asap. E: Armor Penetration up to 25% ( why? honestly riot why? just why? is the bleed,ad,heal,true dmg not enough ?seriously why? ) Has a "pull" effect. R: True damage that goes up to 600 base damage and +150% Bonus AD ratio ( the passive makes sure you got it ) based on how many stacks of bleed the enemy has. Oh and IT RESETS ON KILL..if you manage to be soo good that you R when the enemy has under about 800 HP.And then the stacks transfer on the next enemy you hit or something. Nope, don't see a reason for this champion to be so strong even tho he requires the most basic ability to play the game.He has a way too low skill floor for what he can do. I understand that he might not be that strong at Higher elo where idk...the whole team is created against him ? I honestly have no idea how to beat him 1v1 . Sure, in Team Fights you can kite him, but he can still kill your squishies easily OR kill tanks, with the same amount of no skill. Bottom line: Why is he allowed to stomp lane so easily?
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