Just can't get an S.

Hey everyone, So here's the deal. I've been a jungler main since late season 3 or 4. And I may not be the best jungler but I like to believe that I do well. I ward a lot more than any other jungler I've met. I gank a lot. I assist a lot of kills. I admit that I sometimes don't get that many kills in trade for assists I guess that's part of being an unselfish player. But no matter how much I ward. No matter how many dragons or barons I steal. No matter how much map pressure I have. I still can't get even an S- I have legit never received an S- on any of my champions. I was just wondering. How am I supposed to improve that? I try to improve my gameplay all the time and I think that I've been improving for the length of my time playing league. But that S just won't come. I don't get it.. Any ideas?
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