The assassin update (My point of view)

They made Kha'zix and rengar worse and less fun Rengar: he will be better as a tank now (which is boring for me to play). they made him clunky to play with removing that you still get the passive for a little bit when walking out of a brush. (which is only annyoing) you can only see the nearest champion and only get something from jumping on the nearest taget might add so if you mark a tank if a teamfight you need to run behind the team to mark the adc (you lose hella time) this is why he better as a tank so you just can jump in and just tank and survive thats why the made the q base dmg higher and give him a qss for 1.5 sec. Kha'zix: His q is weaker but lower cooldown so you need to build a 50/50 tank assassin build to survive which give him more counter play. dont get me wrong i love that you get more counter play and delaying a kha'zix but you could have done it in so many other ways for example (E - Leap blah blah scales blah charges a jump for 0.5 sec revealing him for this duration which would give the team more time to react to kha'zix before their adc is ded Remember this was my opinion if you think that rengar is busted go ahead i just wanted to speak my mind for abit
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