Support role

People are saying that support main = "boosted". As a support main i don't really think that it's true. I can agree that it is not as mechanically difficult to play support than it is playing mid or jungle but i would not see a support main as a "boosted animal" that many call us. Is it possible to change the way that people see support players by making the role harder, or gice them more credit for assists and such? As of now if botlane makes a play, the only one who gets the praise by the team is the Adc or the Jungler. Also it is really hard to get a S rank after a game. I went 1/0/32 one game and i got an A+. I Think that the system is favored to the lanes that get kills and farm and make the plays lategame. Overall i think that the support role is heavely underrated and i think that many would appreciate it if you made it more rewarding to play support. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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