Top 10 Strongest Champions (According to Lore)- Redone!

_Long ago, I made a 'Top 10 Strongest Champions (According to Lore). Times change, and, even tho I made that thread only 4 months ago, there's a lot to talk about. This list may contain new or reworked champions, and it will be a bit more polished since I got a lot more feedback from you guys. Some Champions are... hard to compare. Omnipotent champions like {{champion:101}} **Xerath** and {{champion:134}} **Syndra** really like making things hard for me, it's very hard for me to compare them with other champions so their places on this list may be a bit odd. Let's begin, shall we?_ **** #10 {{champion:134}} Syndra *She really annoys me. It's impossible to put her on the list, she'll either be **too low** or **too high**. Anyways, her powers have no limits, and she is indeed powerful. She can literally move things by just imagining it. At this point, she isn't more powerful than some champions, but I think she could drastically jump from her current place on the list if she can master her powers. She was the most problematic part of this list, thank the damn lord I got rid of her.* **** #9 {{champion:266}} Aatrox *He is a Darkin, he is very powerful, manipulative and smart. He lived for a very long time, and, even tho we don't know his true power, many consider him a big threat to Runeterra. He turned around many battles of many nations, from Demacia and Noxus to Protectorate and Magelords.* **** #8 {{champion:420}} Illaoi *On her own, she isn't that powerful, but she gets help from an actual God, **Nagakabouros**. She can do many things, she can challenge the souls of many, she is the head of a Priestess cult, and she is OP. * **** #7 {{champion:127}} Lissandra *She got the power of the **Watchers**, who are damn powerful. She can control ice, she is the... **coolest** champion in League of Legends. Get it? Coolest? A fight between her and {{champion:420}} **Illaoi** would be a tough, but quick one. It really depends on who gets the first blow, and, considering that the Kraken Priestess is kinda slow, I wouldn't give my money on her. * **** #6 {{champion:58}} Renekton *He has gone through the Ascension and is insanely powerful. But, just as his power is insane, so is his mind. He has gone mad, and, in a fight, this could easily be used against him, but, fortunately, his raw strenght would still be enough to beat most opponents.* **** #5 {{champion:268}} Azir *He has also ascended, and is as powerful as the Demigod that was just mentioned on this list, but, fortunately he didn't lose his sanity, which gives him an advantage.* **** #4 {{champion:101}} Xerath *His power has no limits. He has no body, and now, he doesn't just use magic, he is magic. He has no limits, his power can't stop growing, and he is considered by many undefeatable.* **** #3 {{champion:75}} Nasus *If he is number 3, then you can expect some OP crap on the next two places. He is a few hundred **THOUSAND** years old. And, guess what, for every death that happened over that time, he became stronger. That's a lot. He is almost unstoppable. * **** #2 {{champion:432}} Bard *He transcends time and space. He is something like a God. There's second to no places where he hasn't been (developers confirmed this in a Q&A). He visited other planes of existence. Also, here is one fact that isn't known to many. This is actually quite interesting. In a Q&A about Bard, a Rioter said that he has witnessed Watchers giving their powers to Lissandra and the Ascension of Xerath, but, he didn't care. HE. DIDN'T. CARE. He saw some of the most powerful champions getting their powers, but he didn't care. Oh, and, remember that green ball from Mountain? hehe, that's what he uses to travel between different planes of existence. That's overpowered.* **** #1 {{champion:203}} Kindred *It's a shame that there isn't that much to talk about for this being as there is to {{champion:432}} **Bard**. This is **death**. There isn't really anything other to it. You cannot fight death. You cannot escape from death. It comes for everyone. All you can do is accept it. * **IMPORTANT!** **{{champion:24}} JAX ISN'T HERE BECAUSE HE IS VERY CONNECTED TO THE INSTITUTE OF WAR, AND IT IS CURRENTLY UNCANON, MAKING HIM UNCANON TOO!** Leave a like and I will give you a {{item:2009}} Cookie. Discuss!

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