Can you even enjoy LoL as casual gamer?

Real question here. I work hard, so I don't have time for game like 2+ h per day. But maybe 1 game or 2 at max per day, or not even that, just few games in a week. But when I play I don't have fun anymore. So many trolls in normals, and matchmaking is so bad. You can get 3 premades, who don't even play like premades, but like random ppl, so what's the point letting so many premades in normals? Or in every game i have 1 under 30 player. And i'm constatly highest ranked players from last season in my team. Which is bad. So RIOT want me to play Ranked? I don't about that...I would love that we have some normal with more balanced teams and then we can have fun. Now as casual I can't enjoy this game, because 0 fun in normals. Nowday I just run OW and have fun. RIOT should make some casual normal like OW arcade, for ppl who work and can't invest 8+ hours into game like kids.
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