Nerf Lux to the ground....

Riot please you need to nerf lux...this champion is cancer, hell everyone talking about teemo this and that. Get the hell outta here. you haven't felt true rage to the extent where you destroy your pc because of 1 single champion. The game is not even worth playing or saving if there is a lux on godammit. Her godamn play safe style pissing me off even more, she only has to stay close to tower and she safe because nobody wants to dive in and her range of abilities is annoying as well.. even her stun range is more longer then kha xiz (E) i think but still this champion is broken totally broken...she is the definition of cancer ok...all these years and season..still no nerf or rework but you can give her a new skin huh? thats totally unfair. You don't have to rework her but damn make her weak so much that nobody wants to play her..let her be the old urgot that was almost never seen in a game..she is overplayed and when she gets get feed its gg you can just surrender the damn match, she can 0 a full tank in 1v1 match..thats how op she is okay and needs to be nerf like in the game update because this is to have all these broken champions but instead of taking care of them you guys are like "hmm what new can we bring to the table so our players can be happy" Everyone who plays league : Nerf Yi, New Ryze Skin, More skin for illaoi or Vet koz, Nerf Yasou, Nerf Lux Buff Zed" but not you guys be like "I have a great idea why don't we bring in a new champion?" Why don't we have another event?" Why don't we update the game Map? ????? and the list goes on...for god sake just have 1 single season where you recreate these broken champions nerf them or delete them even better. Right now as it stands..All these broken champions are unbalance like really.. and some of them are easy af to buy and learn...Master yi is one prime example, get 4-5 kills buy 2 items..R then Q boom penta is that..there are like no hard mechanic that makes you want to learn how to master a champion but with champions like yi lux garen.. there is no need to use your brain...lux is even more easier then yi...she is already 100% ap and can't destroy 80% of all the champions she encounters ok...that is fking broken, early game is nothing but mid game and late you will get destroyed even if your atroxx and have your passive plus the second life and zhoyna, she will still have 100% health and your shit is dropping like a madman.
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