My life story and opinion on League of Legends

State of the season is really bad i know it, my friends know it and i am sure everyone knows it. So are Riot going to do anything? I have played this game since season 2 i am only average or atleast i was, so i very slowly climbed the ladder season through season starting from season 2 and a half from bronze 3 to gold iv on my other acc and was on this one nothing impressive but at first i was calm then started to realise i was somewhat good and began to rage this happened a few times Riot's system worked which is great now i no longer rage and i also realise i am somewhat bad so in fairness i am just average i had a good win rate on non meta champions such as sona, kayle and probably a couple more. (This was season 4+ for kayle) As the season's changed from season 2 - 3 from 3 - 4 season 3 was kind of annoying as i didn't explore all the champions and item build paths, they got rid of some good items such as malody and madreds and continued with creating more champions. More and more champions were being created each time a champion is created the stats are usually over powered; by now i would have thought the creators establishing and tweaking with these stats should easily be able to tweak stats, the PBE is pretty much useless as you know it's overpowered but we'll release it anyway, obviously the whole purpose of this is for money which is fair enough but i think the franchise has established themselves quite well. From my perspective they have to pathways they can only go down one of these routes or establish a middle ground type of route which is what they need but it seems they got all eyes set on the dollar and by favoring the dollar they get such benefits as a new map, different game modes, enhanced gfx and sound quality, better animations, skins etc, which earns them even more $, what's not to like? Well the pathway of game health is all about what the enthusiasts or pro gamer's want as they are the main source of the game they purchase they play, they have a great time! But unfortunately the game is based on whether your team has the troll or unskilled player (i am the unskilled player as i don't really care and my time for playing has gone down a whole lot, i used to be okay but now i am bad.) However the reality of the game since Riot has chosen the $ over game health (by game health i mean, balancing between different roles and individual champions, it's all what you pick not entirely on how you play.) IMO the purpose of a champion is to take the game from a different perspective so you can make different plays to different champions and in terms of roles the game does that well i.e jungler to a support a support helps maintain vision whilst ensuring the adc is safe and does not die. Where as if you go to the perspective of a jungler its kind of similar but it depends on what type of jungler you are playing but the angle of a jungler has an entirely different approach to all the other roles as its aim is to assist each lane, maintain vision and secure objectives. It's basically the carry role assisting lanes can only be done early, ensuring objectives needs to be done early but is even more important later (but that becomes dependent on the entire team) That's where they done really well ofc other games similar have done this well or perhaps even better but either way its still great, but then they mixed it up more i.e they took some of the playability away from the adc role by allowing ap mids i.e lux to be a support infact any ap mid can most likely be an optimal support this then made adc presence even weaker as it caused i.e lux and lucian vs mf and alistar mf and ali would be highly limited as ali has high cd abilities apart from his heal which won't do anything if lux snare's mf and because of this it will cause mf to lose more cs or have a less likely chance of having just as much or more cs than lucian it becomes a bully lane. Now you can say well he shouldn't have picked ali but this is what happens when your not premade he could be a really good ali and because of his skillset they may come back and yes champion selection is apart of strategy i strongly agree with that. Put simply because "support" wasn't fun enough the community caused the adc presence to fall and Riot had to optimize individual adc's. But now all i ever see is Lucian, Vayne, Ezreal, Kog'Maw but occasionally you get a first, 2nd or third tear adc. but 9/10 games it will be those 4 in my elo atleast or in any low elo. and in fairness i do think what they done with the adc role is great i mean you could jungle only twitch before now you got quinn and graves. Anyway so the Verdict is it caused kind of better palyability an adc can go in other optimal lanes mid (varus, lucian) jungle mentioned above and top (Vayne, Quinn, Varus, Lucian, Graves.) The only problem is there is a lack of variation lucian needs to be re-worked that passive how did that get through pbe the creators are sometimes too creative and less realistic and they really have affected the game health. The mage update was really bad imo, the worst update ever, the most frustrating part the more they try to evolve the game the farther away they are going from what the game really is. Season 4 was all about asassins, the worst part was your always at an advantage i.e Leblanc it's a great kit all of them are great kits and some are genius but being able to 3 shot champions just because u got your ult and a combo plus it took next to 0 skill to land is too much reward just getting level 3 spamming your combo a few times against i.e a kayle who has next to nothing dmg her heal is shit at level 1, her Q is almost useless and as i just said her E does almost no dmg to certain champions ofc you have to stack it but she is too reliant on a/s her ap ratios need to go up to make more effectiveness of her kit i.e increase her AP per level so she has slightly more sustain but anyway i guess you could argue putting 2 points in heal early or maxing W second. Then there is akali and lissandra. let's talk about Lissandra in a way she has a similar kit to kayle no she doesn't rely on aa's and her kit seems completely different but as a kayle player i find her similar, only she has a better tuned kit she deals splash dmg aswel she has an invulnerability it's like this would have been kayle if we didn't want a battlemage (although they kind of failed that they made her a support / almost next to near shit mage since she is stupidly easy to play and gave her highly tuned stats but in reality they just needed to make her harder to play.) If you were to somehow merge kayle and lissandra together (im really not sure how that would work!) it would make an obsolete champion no more. Anyway Lissandra has a finely tuned kit that can be useful all game as can Kayle's but Kayle seems even more obsolete as Movement speed is not a strong factor within this game it's more about dashes, flashes and shumpo. Akali she really is a stupid champion for stupid people but as i said previously it's more what you pick and not how you play she is exactly that stupid and statistically stupid but if you wanna win, then you can she is beyond a joke her cd's when stacked or even when not is still not high enough they need alistar cd put on her a mana bar something she can spam skills no mana, she can spam dashes, over and over and over wait 3 secs and over again oh plus a flash, she doesn't need flash she can dash that many times then she does huge damage stacked with her items she is only weak pre 6 and all you gotta do is hide at your turret and spam Q on minions, Fizz is similar so much reward for such a retarded champion its a joke! Anyone with a dash should atleast have an ultimate cooldown dashes are so effective they are more effective than ultimate's hell they even are ultimate's akali's ,ekko's, zeds. Akali's dashes are worse than Yasuo and that guy can infinitely dash assuming there is an infinite amount of minions or enough to be able to dash back to the one you previously dahsed to, that guy is easy to play against all you gotta do is hover at your tower not push or do if your confident wait til level 6 dodge tornado's you have ult he does not as he fails to land it his lane is pushed towards yours = no dash easy but the most annoying champions on this game oh anivia just popped into my head "brainstorm" another stat stupid champion with the highest ap ratio's in the game plus she runs on a high cd 2 lives win lane, she has a stun mid range and aoe, she cant dash but she can put a wall behind you a well placed weall means certain death her early level damage is too high. i know i keep bringing kayle into this but put kayle through a simulation duel kayle has a very slim chance of winning pre 6 and even after 6 as it's just click and kill and they have around the same range. ALL of these champions i have mentioned need to be highly modified there's strategy in picks but there's also playability and the one's that completely deny that need tweaks they are affecting the game health, not to mention just them but simple champions give lure to egoists, trolls and all the other's My Verdict or as the youth's say "TL;DR" Quit wasting your time like me ( i mean to say i am wasting my time but i am really bored and i would definitely like improvements and it would need some for me to even play this seriously again.) and find a new game because this is shit and it needs fixing. If you have read this then you must be really bored, many thanks for wasting your time! P.S not going to apolagise for any of my grammar or anything feel free to crticise but i simply don't care once again Thanks for reading {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}

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