The main issues with the game in it's current state.

In short: __League now is like a shitty copy of what League used to be__ -Game determined after 10 minutes. -The blue essence system feels boring and unrewarding -Riot games is focusing more on the Competitive aspect of league rather than the fun aspect of the game, which makes alot of players quit. -The game balance is an absolute joke. -Top lane is irrelevant -Comebacks are nearly impossible as the game is decided by the worst player on the team rather than the good one who has carry potential -The community has no %%%%ing idea what to do anymore and so does Riot -It's easy to lose motivation, especially if you're an old player, you tell yourself that you'll get the same old feeling about league that you used to feel back in the day so you get motivated to play alot, but then the game is simply boring -The content creators that made original content for League of Legends that made you want to play the game are all %%%%ing sick of the game so they don't even play it anymore (Siv HD, Sp4zie, Dunkey, Keyori, Uberdanger and so on) -Items change alot, and too often, it's impossible to catch up after leaving the game for 1 or 2 patches without having to look up what the %%%% {{item:3907}} Is ^ These are a few examples as to why the game is becoming worse and less enjoyable. At this point i'm just moving to other games with my friends until atleast half of these problems are fixed, the game is simply not fun, or it's more like something you play in the background while talking to your friends nowadays... This thread was really sad for me to type as i've been enjoying the game for 7 years, and this is the first time when i'm feeling like it's just.. not good anymore..
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