A'ight. After 5 years of playing, 3 years of constant frustration I think its right time to say goodbye. Been playing 1000 ranked games every season, never managing to go past plat 1 , I mean, I know I couldnt reach something with all the time I spent on this game, so 'get good' and stuff is not really important. I dont really have to be high elo to be aware of things. I just wanna share my opinions, and see if someones feeling me. I will go through some things I find wrong, beggining with some champs : - Vayne true dmg + Rageblade 0/7 Vayne building Rageblade and Bork can delete whole enemy team, I dont wanna go deep into disscussion, everyone knows what Im talking about. % of max health true dmg that is triggered every second auto attack. Passive movement speed toward enemy, disappearing, etc, etc. - Nasus stack on Cannon and monsters increased So, Im top laner from very beggining. Everybody knows its most frustrating lane and everyone that plays top over time gets some mental issues (dedicated to the game ones). Nasus have been lately champ that can easily win top lane just by buying Sheen. And now, hes able to get 500 stacks in 22-23 minutes without any problems. And once its done, its over. Whats with Vider? How can you slow someone for 5 seconds with spell that actually isnt skillshot. And, at 5th lvl , slow is 95% (????). Pressing R, you get your Q every second and something, which is OP. I dont know... - Lux cooldowns and E hitbox - Riven, being tanky while full AD - Vladimir is too tanky and has so much dmg, undying - Heimerdinger, you can be blind to play him and deal tons of dmg just by presence - Urgot , no escape, but dominant, URGOD again Next thing is release of new champs. Every new champ has dashes, shields, stealth,cc. Just take a look. Sylas, Pyke, Neeko, Kaisa.. One shot champ Zoe. Wall walker Kayn. I get that people enjoy playing them. But its ruining this game. What about Olaf, Trundle, Rumble, Udyr? Champs that have no dash. They are inferior to others. And its %%%%ed up. Beca%%%%everyone now has a dash, and shit. Even Ashe is so inferior without any dashes, %%%%ing worst a%%%%or 3 years. And she will always be, bcs she cannot dash, cannot set traps, chumpers. Only ult, and once you get at her its ove. And every champ can do that nowadays. And I will say one more thing. Last time this game felt good at every aspect was 3 years ago. When they nerfed Ekko, only champ that was obviosly OP , superior. Those were goooooooooooooooood days! Good luck summoners. This is just something I wanted to share. Im done, I wont play this shitty game no more. Peace PS: In every game , theres 2 %%%%%%s that wanna surrender, go afk, troll. Whats the joy, obviously its not in their best interest to remove them. So, that will never be better, enjoyable
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