Best way to exit silver?

Hi, guyz. Iam a player that is stucked in silver 5-4-3 and i want to exit silver, because imo its the worst ello in the entire game. Why? -> People that won the promotions by getting carried by another premades only to get silver and because they "fear" the bronze I got 5/5 in promos and i got silver 4 without any premades got demoted to bronze and silver again. -> To much crying about noobs champs. There are easy champs, there are hard champs, u talk about the noobs champs, but when u gonna play them u get bad scores. -> Many supps that bought wards, and they dont use them Atleast ward the buffs or monster (baron, dragon, red , blue) even they cant do it. And etc... So i want to exit this ello, or atleast get silver 1 - gold 5 I main diana as mid laner i got 59,6% win rate -> i only play her mid laner but i get more loses than an teemo tank (must me my fault) and supp naut with 68% win rate (17 wins / 8 loses) I tried solo, works most of the time, duo more or less, trio, quadra and penta never works. I roam when i can, farm noramly 100-150 per 16 - 23 minutes (i should train it more) And when supp try everything to protect my carries (Normaly mid and adc) So any tips how to climb? I know everybody will say ("play better than silver")? how? Regards. DiogoCosta aka DyogoCosta
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