Autofill is not bad. the existance of support role is. (but chill, the is a solution) (also gender) IT BREAKS THE CAMEL'S BACK! ok. this is the game when , even after emtying my vaults of self-criticism, i feel not responsible for losing, in the slightest. Won lane, pushed hard, applied pressure to other lanes on several occasions. Best KDA in the game. Best damage in the team as a full damn tank. The biggest kill participation. Everything you can reasonably expect from your tank toplaner and so much more. ALL for nothing. Why? Because one of the players refused to play his autofilled assigned support role, and left our poor ADC in a 1v2 lane against a DAMN KOG. Ofc, not before applying shitstorm in champ select. Free farm kog, our adc zoned and starved. Our junglers unfriendly competing for farm and being semi-useless. Vision non-focking-existant. what can a damn tank, no matter how successful, do to redeem such a situation? All this pointless struggle, all the time lost, all the efforts pointless, LP thrown down the toilet. Why? BECAUSE ONE PLAYER FINDS SUPPORT ROLE SO UNATTRACTIVE TO PLAY, THAT HE WOULD RATHER LOSE THE GAME THAN PLAY IT. This is a damn epidemy. This is not a singular case. people do this on a regular basis. And there is literally one and only one solution for this problem imho. **Make ranked Summoner's Rift 4v4 mode.** And watch the problem go away instantly. The map provides 4 farming grounds, right? 3 lanes and the jungle. If the game was a 4v4, everyone would get their farming ground, no one would be a support, everyone happy. it is either this, or troll epidemy. Because the root of the problem is support role. Not autofill, not role preselection or the lack of it, not pick order rule. The root of this problem is the existance of role that well... in a game with vastly male population, forces you to be a woman in a traditional early 20th century family model. Not living through yourself, living through your husband. Not allowed to chase personal power, required to self sacrifice for the others' chase for it. Not entitled to own progress but instead relegated to tasks someone else finds to trivial to handle themselves (warding, duuh). And on top of it- be obediant and follow the one who is entitled to personal power and success, no matter how stupid his endevour might be. This or be bashed he crap out of, by the entire society.
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