Remove the support role

Ok, lets be honest. NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY THAT FKNG ROLE! NOBODY! "Oh, i'm support main" yes, you are a big part of the community, like 75. 75 people I mean, not 75%, of course. Sure that there will be some pain-lover that will enjoy support but support is actually the biggest SH+T in this game. 1) if I play support I cannot carry sh+t. I have to literally look at a shako solo destroying my inhib and I cant do NOTHING. I unloaded everything and I took like 10% of his life in the time he destroyed my inhib completely and ignoring me and my attacks. Why would he bother? he knows I'm useless. And on top of that, I had to flee, ofc, or I'd had died too. You cannot do ANYTHING with a non-kill'em-all support (basically a support that is NOT a support, a mage with sightstone, lol). So the best support is not a support. Cool! 2) if I dont play support I get trolls as supports, because NOBODY wants to play that fckng role. Summing up, the simple existance of this role is just toxic and screws people up. It doesnt matter if you play it or not, the existance of supports is screwing you. Remove that sh´tty role, and leave us alone. It's useless, nobody wants to play that sh+t. And for you, that will come here to say that supports can carry, that they are funny and that you love the game with this role, why the F you dont play them? oh! yeah! "dont delete them, but I'll never play that sh+t in my life, I'd rather wait 5 hours queue". I understand. Just remove this fkng sh+t for once and for all.
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