Your matchmaking is more crazy than ever

I get teammates who destroy everything. I will give a few examples each from a different game: 1) plays nasus but dont even know what stacking is (13 mins 9 stacks!) 2) Enemy bot laners are afk, they come back after 15 mins and destroy our botlane and carry the game 3)AFK (have to go eat, die by their own fault and rage quit,....) 4) Xhin zou vs and ad champ and buys magic resist 5) teammate that only spiltpushes and refuses to come in a teamfight 6) Guys who die after 2 minutes and than decide to troll 7) guys who dont want to play their assigned role 8) Junglers who dont gank (yes they exist!) I can go on like this for a long time, really this isn't fun anymore, The last 8 games are horrible. What I did wrong to get such teams really. Iwas placed in bronze i can live with that but i cant live with the things i just mentioned above. it is just impossible to get out of bronze like that Last season I was silver it was challenging to get there but never like it is now. Now it's just Bronze afk feeding hell......

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