Kayle Morgana Visual Rework

Hi there, I just watched the Rework Trailer and found it to be pretty good, like everything else Riot brings to Youtube. But then I read all the negative comments and I thought "yeah they're right". So I'll just try to sum up my opinion on the trailer, like probably everyone else will do, since I love both champions and play them. I mainly focus on things I feel haven't been addressed enough by other players. In general: I love the duality between them and hope every existing aspect will be kept as much as possible. One of my favorite aspect was that they where playable on almost every role somehow. Both can vaguely go Support and Midlane, Jungle and adc only works to a certain extend but you can make it work. Also the buff they carry is unique and applyable to team mates (why they can be played support), one makes you immune to damage, one immune to CC. Together they make you defy all enemies ambitions, so both powers combined let's you reach god hood, that's what you reach with the power of heaven and hell combined. I don't know the gameplay changes so I can't tell about these aspect, I just hope it will be kept. #Kayle She needed the update the most, it was the goal to change her _completely_. So saying "she's different" doesn't make it a bad thing. BUT there are some buts. ##In general She's made way more dynamic, previously she looked and felt, very very non dynamic (apart from aether wing kayle skin). Somehow I feel like non dynamic and stat checky correlate, so making her more dynamic was necessariy to get her away from beeing so stat checky. What has come with it: The full plate armor is gone. https://i.imgur.com/Grm5CmC.jpg[IMG] Most probably remember and love this spash, so do I and the change I described started happening with the next splash already. https://i.imgur.com/p7UjxKV.jpg[IMG] She's already depicted more dynamic but the plate armor is still there. Actually raises the question why Riot didn't just leave it there. I wanted to reason her body suit with her new dynamic feel, but her armor doesn't contradict it. ##Face We got a high quality close up on Morgana's face, but not for Kayle. Only with her helmet on what makes her look like her model was created 30 years ago, quality wise. https://i.imgur.com/sPv1Q4D.png[IMG] And well, that. https://i.imgur.com/D23oQ5j.png[IMG] So the duality is already a little disrupted in that aspect. ##Body Well I talked about it. First state: https://i.imgur.com/trX1jAr.jpg[IMG] Actuall looks kinda cute so I don't really judge, as the little angel foot soldier. Second State: https://i.imgur.com/qSAdzBm.jpg[IMG] The concept of giving her more wings due to the transformation is pretty cool, I really love that. Her texture also hanged, she developed into a higher state (full golden) so all detailes are very niely addressed. Only things I really don't like is how her movement in that particular animation look sassy. That's really not an attribute I wanted to see on the basic Kayle. https://i.imgur.com/b0wdMA0.jpg[IMG] The third state is fekin cool, apart from all what's been said, these transormations are really awesome and well made. The ult animation is sick too. Her wave formed basics are pretty interesting, I'm curious how that works out. Two things that drag Kayle down unfortunatly are that she is 60% unmasked Kayle now (that's an entire skin theme for her). And that she looks like Dawnbringer Riven with wings. That's all I wanted to say to Kayle atm. #Morgana Her kit seems intact, and I'm really grateful to that. Also the lock down animation ... probably the best thing about the trailer for me. https://i.imgur.com/F9N1eBo.jpg[IMG] ##Face https://i.imgur.com/gFkr6Vt.jpg[IMG] Hell yeah. I've played Morgana with great enthusiasm for 5 years now and I can say I'm fine with what I see here. ##Body A big issue I have found with Morgana is that she looks like she has Xayah's model, https://i.imgur.com/96kuHR3.png[IMG] Evelynns Movements https://i.imgur.com/7VtfSEU.png[IMG] https://i.imgur.com/k3M9S8m.jpg[IMG] and Karma's dress. https://i.imgur.com/TFPqYKI.jpg[IMG] Like, come on how hard is it too keep her uniqueness? When I play Morgana I don't want to feel like playing Evelynn _at all_ and I really hope I won't. Due to her wings beeing so small now I worry that she feels more like a gothic witch than a fallen angel. But she also has that 6 wings transformation that highlights them bright (which is pretty awesome) so I have some hope. https://i.imgur.com/IMzwUcR.png[IMG] Both characters, especially Morgana have a lot of rotation in their movement now, what I feel is adequate due to them beeing pretty immobile in general, and gives them some flow in animation. I like that change. I couldn't even reach to their quotes in this thread with our topical justice warrior and edge lady (which I love), but it might be offtopic and too soon to judge atm anyway. This update had huge potential, but it already tripped a little in the trailer, which doesn't mean anything good. What are your thoughts? ##EDIT: What I also noticed is that Morgana's wings aren't plucked anymore. I kinda liked it because it gave her character and gives a little more visual understanding of the "pain and torment" she endured and about the humilation she suffers from not beeing able to fly as an angel. As well as the resulting hate and wrath that qualifíes so many of her fallen angel characteristics. But maybe her new lore covers that just as good. I do not now.
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