Winter map: cursor shifted, low FPS, glue on the map, lost all settings

This is what happened to me with the new winter map: * The cursor is not at the right position. It's broken! When I point my cursor right above a minion in reality I'm not focusing him! I would say that the cursor is shifted on the right by 1 cm. Playing is impossible * Even if I've a decent PC, my FPS are tremendously low but the real issue is that it doesn't matter what settings I use. From low to high I always get the same amount of FPS. Before you ask no, I'm not using the feature that locks FPS. It's like I'm playing Crysis at max settings * I lost all settings. Keyboard, mouse, GUI, all sliders, checkboxes... everything! * The game in general is sloppy. It all moves like there's glue everywhere on the map. I can't explain it but it's frustrating and unplayable * I have a 34" 21:9. It sucks. I tried on 21.5" at full HD. It still sucks I never had such issues with winter map but now it's ridiculous. I can't play this way. I will simply waste my time and ruin the game for my team mates. I played just one game and enemy support had the same issue. There's clearly something wrong with the new map and I have no intention to play ranked just to get rid of it.

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