Getting older with League Of Legends

Introduction to a problem with +25 years players > Suggested solution Im a player since 2009, I was fan of xPeke, I could fast react to any movement and I saw my "heros" (pro players) at their max but they decline really fast, at 25 years everyone of them was out of the pro league. With time I understood the problem. At the start I blamed the meta to be faster and more korean styled but the problem is I can't react anymore under 150 ms, that's the same for xPeke, Ocelote, OneShotGG etc. Soon we will get Faker out too, he will be "too old for the league" But... What if we can make League of Legends better for any age? The artist creator it's really good, he always do the designs so you can clearly see the champions, he does tricks to get your focus on weapons, he take in consideration blind color too. What if the numbers can do the same? Adapt for the old, like we adapt the art to any eye. The change to get players compiting of every age it's to **set right timers**. Every character, movement and skill should be balanced with that in mind. You want a skill to be a reaction dash? It should give you at least 0.3 sec between the casting and the window to press the button. You want a skill to be a prediction dash? It should give you under 0.15 sec between the casting and the window to press the button. Anything on between will be a downside to mature people against teens. I could give infinite examples but think this is enought to get the idea. Let's see European's again wining. People that can make their High School and then play LoL pro, not a choose between High School and being pro. Note to Riot: 25+ years old got more money ;) LOL
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