A Global Overview Of The "Masked" Massive Support Role Massacre (Nerf)

As a master tier support main who has been playing this game for 6 - 7 years from season 3. This is by far possibly the worst preseason initiative on a season. It reminds me a lot of the patch where crit items for ADs were demolished in season 9. Now this is happening to supports. The "free" upgrades that you get vs what was taken away are just a fascade for the massive nerf underneath. I don't know how they thought this was ever good to bring out of the PBE to live, but it happend. What were the changes: * They removed 10% CDR on all of the support items, they removed Coin, removed the Base Health/Mana regen % from the items, healing from Targons, Extra Damage from Spellthiefs. * **What they gave us in return**: 1 time purchase on a support item, from 2 Gold Per Second -> 3 Gold Per Second and once you completed your quest line, increase in raw stats (Hp/Adaptive Force), you lose the tribute earning passive and the minion taking gold punishment perssists and it became more strict. Meaning you're left to earn ONLY 13 Gold Per 10 Seconds from doing nothing. I guess your other way of income is to sucide and burn summoners for Ward executions so you can get at least +30g or take 1-2 minions a wave and get flamed by everyone. While every other role FARMS for the entire game you're given Umbral Glaive which is a lethality item, purposely designed to fit only Senna and Pyke (targeted champions were assasins but it's an aggressive support item) and no other support, but I guess since you can only generate 1k gold from your support item and the item costs almost as much as and Ardent, you should buy it on **anyone**. Since you can 1 shot regular wards with it and thus getting some gold besides from your 3g P10 sec support item. To me, the role feels like it doesn't even exsist anymore. With the changes to how Exp is shared and solo laners exp going up. What it looks to me is you have to buy Mobility Boots and run around the map as if you were a 2nd jungler and try to do something. And if the game hasn't ended before 20mins, you may as well go afk since you won't be getting any income besides from passive gold generation and your 3g P10 support item, you don't need to do anything. Let everyone else stack exp and gold and you just drop in from time to time, place wards and go afk until you can buy your next item. I don't know what's their goal with the game, they just condense it every season more and more, only exception this time is that they added 2 new lethality items, that's it. When I say condense it, I mean making it simpler and more newbie friendly. Fact is this game isn't simple and no matter how much they try it just won't work out in the end. Junglers had 4 Smite Variations, now condensed to 2. Supports had much more options and build paths, from buying a support item, then Sightstone, after that choosing either to combine their support item with the sighstone or upgrade them individually and get an active on the support item, that being Talisman, Targons Shield or Ghosts. Later they simplified that and combined the support item and the sighstone together and removing the actives, placing 2/3 into seperate items (Targons Shield to this date hasn't gotten its item yet). Leading to what we have now, some lame excuse for items which I'd never buy on anyone honestly (Reffering to the new support items). I won't be surprised if the meta shifted and the supports just straight up dissapear, and people just run an AD and something else with them. Overall, really desatisfied with the changes to the role and I hope you learn from this and read what the actual people playing the role are saying, and not the people who just read whats done on paper and never actually touched the role. If you plan to keep these bad items, what you can change is give the 10% CDR back on all of them at the T2 upgrade, return the healing and extra damage on them, remove the minion penalty on the final quest completion and let us keep the tribute gold generation after we finish the full quest line. Because that 1 extra ward in the 20th min mark means nothing and no high elo support player finishes their support item before they're full build. If you make the changes I suggested I think the role would be in a solid spot as before, because supports before these changes aired, were making the least amount of gold on the team anyway, now they're making 0 to no gold. https://imgur.com/a/m4pjtfP First Image is in S9, the following image is in PreSeason 10, if you look at the gold in both games in the first one the game is extended by 10mins and I have around (150g per assist x 6 and assuming 25g per cs x 26) a 1,5k extra gold from assists and CS, and 720g (72g per min = 12g per sec from support item + passive gold gen.) from +10 min game length. Even if I do add that gold in the game in PreS10 I'd still be around 3k less from where I would've been in S9, WHICH IS A LOT, that's 1 whole item. So please, either revert it to how it was before or make the changes I previously suggested. Thank you for reading throught this whole LARGE post. But I had to say something about this, because the role is unplayable for me and many more support players. Sincerely, Goki Doki.
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