What's up with Support these days?

So recently I am playing quite alot of ADC because I want to get into it. And I met so many idiot Support players in the recent days. Most just played super bad and then always blame it on me. Saying tilting stuff like "Oh, can't dodge a simple hook?" or "Can't even right click on an enemy?". And then leaving me 1v2 alone in the botlane, and continue to emphesize on how bad I am. Like, how am I supposed to react to this? Mute them? Well, that wont make them play better all of the sudden, or make the 1v2 experience better. And since it's common to 4 man gank bot these days, it's not that rare that I feed in some games, just because my support is utter trash. And even if he is good, he just blames me for his mistakes if he screws up just once. I mean what is this? When the ADC makes a mistake, he's bad. But when the Support screws up, it's still the ADCs fault? How does this make sense? Support players these days act if they are the hero: "No one else is willing to support so I sacrifice myself". They are thinking they are some godlike player. But no, you are just a support! You are as important as any other role! You are not worse AND not better than anyone else in this game. And don't get me started on all of these Support oriented posts here on the boards. Those are even worse! People come together, to shit on ADCs. There recently was a post where they shared how better they were off in games where they left the ADC. Are you serious?! How is that a good thing? They think, just because an ADC is flaming them is enaugh of an excuse to leave them alone. How about muting him? Leaving him alone doesn't do anyone good. Toxic people are one thing, but those Support players act like that, regardless if the ADC is toxic or not. They say ADCs are toxic, but what they say in the chat is not better than that what ADCs say. They tilt their ADC on purpose and think they are not toxic, because they are the Support. And don't say I have no clue about Supports, because I occasionally queue up as one. I even carried myself to Gold 4 with it (unfortunately got demoted again).

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