The Collective Punishment nerfing method.

Captured with Lightshot
Hey guys, remember when the new, oppressive masteries were introduced? Fresh Blood, Battle Trance, DES and BH Buffs, etc.. When Riot finally realized that the invisible powers granted from them are too strong, they nerfed other masteries which were just fine as they were despite being untouched. I am speaking of the following : M.Pen in Precision Meditation Merciless I know that masteries got their rightfully deserved justice, but I feel like Riot went too far because of the synergy that the new, overtuned masteries had with the last two that I listed. All the damage counting into Merciless for strong executions, spamming poke spells while proccing Fresh Blood made it look as if Meditation gave too much mana sustain but in truth, they're not the true culprits. The worst thing about Meditation and Merciless' nerfs is that you can't opt to use a bit of both at the same time, using both nerfed masteries at the same time proved really annoying for me as it really cuts on the combo of small mana sustain and that little bit of extra damage to ensure a kill in lane as Cassiopeia. Now that BT,BH and DES are all tuned down, opting to what you can see in the picture above is not viable. Not with Cass as far as I can tell. Precision's lethality was an absurdly overtuned power that, if mixed with lethality runes and any lethality item rush would prove really strong, but I can't see the reasoning behind lowering the M.Pen. I know that everyone deals with the reduced stats but some champions or at least specific players will suffer more for trying to go 3-2 like I do with Merciless and Meditation. It is like the case where one kid in a classroom causes troubles and the teacher punishes the whole class. It doesn't do justice. I believe that the only thing that deserved the nerf in the Cunning Tree was Precision's lethality.

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