champs that need a buff and why

i like how riot doesnt care about champs like skarner that need an obvious buff lol. im that player that keeps complaining about gangplank needing a buff and he does. but these following champs are even worse {{champion:72}} - use in competetive play = good champ ( riot 2kALWAYS ) riot stop revolving champs around competetive play. this champ is trash just buff him already and what about {{champion:136}} champ is garbage. you get punished because the enemy decided to go melee champ LOL {{champion:427}} just like aurelion nearly unplayable. but because he actually does nothing but use item actives on other people {{champion:50}} this is also a champion i bet most of the people reading this forgot about.... his kit is fine hes just to weak {{champion:96}} i bet ALL of you forgot this was even a champion. he has to stand still to deal his damage??????????? really riot cmon rework him already hes actually useless {{champion:106}} -_- he could actually be such a good champ if you gave him ANYTHING. rework him with some mobility ffs {{champion:48}} trundle suffers from-- oh wait EVERYTHING. he needs buffs. good ones
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