It's easier to get S as Rhaast vs Shadow Assassin

I understand how the match grading system works (or at least as much as the public can know). Certain undisclosed statistics are compared as a benchmark against other players' performance as that same Champion. So, even if you carry your team, are the best player in the match by far, you won't necessarily get an S grade unless you hit certain numbers as per the grading system. You have to perform in the top percentile of players of that champ (presumably K/D/A, Income, CS, Damage Dealt vs Damage Taken, Kills vs Damage Taken) - but no one knows what the recipe is. My problem: {{champion:141}} I have played so many games where I carry super hard as Shadow Assassin (blue) Kayn, and I won't get my S. I can go 20/2/20, carry the team, do twice the damage of anyone else, have the most CS, and still just get an **A+**. But that is mostly irrelevant, because I'm compared against Kayn's historical data. Usually I understand where I could have possibly fallen short, but I am bewildered with the grading system when I play Shadow Assassin Kayn - it simply does not seem correct. And then I realized what it could be: **Riot's grading system does not take into account whether you are Blue or Red Kayn.** Rhaast has far greater **utility**, and can hit all sorts of statistics that simply do not come into play with Shadow Assassin Kayn. Your job as S.A. Kayn is to kill carries/squishies, but Rhaast is intended to be much more disruptive to the enemy team, and provides more agency to your own team. Short summary : It is easier to get S rank with Rhaast, than it is with Shadow Assassin Kayn, due to the ability to hit certain statistics (healing, damage dealt vs damage taken ratio, etc.). I very rarely play Rhaast, because most teams I play against are 4/5 squishy champs. Last time I did play him, however, I played a mediocre game (like 4/4/12 for example), didn't carry, **but I still receive an S-**. I did very little work to get an S-. Because Rhaast has greater utility. I can work very hard as Shadow Assassin Kayn, turn the tides of the match, carry my team to a win, deal all the damage and outplay the other team with very few deaths, and receive an A+. THERE'S JUST NO JUSTICE RIOT :(
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