An idea about League of Legends' Role

I don’t remember how I came up with this idea. It must have been by thinking how indifferent the League of Legends’ lore has come to be by now. Which is sad, considering what an interesting background story LoL has. Neglected as it is, I think it could be of much more use than fragments of Champions’ and factions’ stories, scattered somewhere in Champions’ info. So, why not granting the League’s lore a brand new view of interest, by mixing it with the story of the RW [=Real World]’s regions? Close your eyes and imagine a worldwide event, where each RW Region represents a region of Runeterra. This way, while the battle for the Summoner’s Cup is raging, another fiery clash will be taking place in Runeterra… It could be like, in this worldwide event: -Europe Nordic & East represents Shurima -Europe West represents Demacia -North America represents Noxus (or vice versa, np) -Korea represents Piltover -China represents Zaun -Japan represents the Shadow Isles -Southeast Asia represents Ionia -Oceania represents Bilgewater -Brazil represents Kumungu Jungle -Latin America (South) represents Mount Targon -Latin America (North) represents Bandle City -Russia represents Freljord -Turkey represents Icathia This way, it feels like a “choose your own tale” situation. The outcome of the event also decides the outcome of the war in Runeterra (ok, we know Piltover is gonna demolish us again, but no problem). The Region that managed the most wins will secure, for example, that the majority of the Champions to be released in the upcoming future will belong to their respective Runeterran region. Moreover, the Region that won the event’s Cup could be gifted the “Victorious” Skin for a bunch of Champions that belong to their Runeterran region. Even the winning team’s summoner names could be enlisted in the League of Legends’ Lore, like “General Faker leading 2,000 troops from Piltover” for example, or it could be that some variations of their names are given to the upcoming Champions! I can’t currently imagine what other use could be made out of this Lore-RW matching, but I trust you guys can sure think of something even more inspiring in the not too distant future!

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