I'm really happy that they added Flex ranked! +How to deal with autofill!

Back then when there was only solo/duo, I played it so often and managed to become good with support role, pretty much got it every single game. Almost never played normals, it was just not as motivating I guess, so while I climbing ranked maining one role, my skills playing other roles was very lacking in comparison. Now with flex added, I can basically use it to play as 'practice', but still counting everyone to play their best. 'Starting from scratch' with one or two new roles that I try to main. And still play my usual main role which is support in solo/duo. :D Therefore, I really like it. As for those topics I've seen about the auto fill in flex... Yeah it is quite annoying. Hopefully Riot will do something about it. If they don't, and you get filled into a role you don't want. - Try negotiate with your teammates for a swap. (And this trick works very well!) Tell them: **'I'm REALLLY TERRIBLE with xxx role but got it cuz of autofill. If anyone could swap me, because I think the risk is HIGH that I FEED otherwise.' **Make it as dramatic as possible so they get worried, someone usually offers to swap. - If no one swaps... well just tell them that your will play your best champ and try your best in that role. (Teammates usually blames slightly less since you bring them no expectations to do well and doesn't trigger people getting mad as trolls do.) - If someone offers you another role you don't want, just tell them: 'I'm bad with that role too, it is better if as many as possible get their main roles since I probably won't perform well' - If they are rude (which they should not be) - ignore. - If you get a swap, great. :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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