Tips to vel'koz players looking to climb.

I'm bored and have some time on my hands so it's time to reveal my guilty obsession to the world. I love vel'koz. So frequently you hear people say that vel'koz is an "average" difficulty champion but i'm of the opinion that vel is among the hardest champs in the game to master and has an almost infinite skill ceiling. To work out the basics is easy but as you play over hundreds of games you start to realise hundreds of little tricks to enhance your play, i've never found that to be the case with any other champ. I've been hovering around plat 5 for years, every reset i swiftly climb from high silver low gold and end up back in plat 5 and before i quit i wish to reach diamond just once. Lately i've reached plat 1 (highest i've ever reached) and i'll explain to people struggling to climb the changes i made to get there (on the border to diamond). These are the main things i changed :- -Switch {{summoner:21}} to {{summoner:7}}, the movement speed allows you to escape threats and even allow you to land that q that was just out of reach, in some games you find you don't even need the healing component at all just the MS, it allows you to play much more aggressively in lane as it allows you to dodge stuns /ganks that barrier would have failed to save you from, it also helps your jungler in 2v2 situations early in the game (that vel'koz sucks in compared to most midlaners but your jungler will gank anyway even though you are under no threat whatsoever), later in the game you can win teamfights just from pressing it in the middle of your team. -Switch my build from {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3020}} type items to the core i use every game. {{item:3009}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3152}} The truth is vel'koz has so much damage built into his kit (that's essentially all you have), that you don't need to build much damage, to put things into perspective i'm comfortable with 400 ap on {{champion:161}} and believe i'm equally if not much more useful than a veigar with over 1000 ap. For this setup to work i run gathering storm and transcendence (which i overmatch every game that lasts long enough) - into heavy ad you can build {{item:3110}} and into heavy ap {{item:3001}} also you take 10% scaling cdr in runes. By building ludens echo you are super squishy with utility you don't need and often don't want e.g pushing waves. Vel is a masterful wavepusher as it is and oftentimes against gank happy junglers you don't want to push the lane anyway. Rushing swiftness boots and shurelyas not only makes you much safer to ganks, but it allows you to again pressure your opponent in lane much more. Xerath has no damage if he can't hit me with any skillshot because of my fastest speed tier boots + ms from shurelyas. If he whiffs any ability i can swiftly enter his range and chunk him down. With your game knowledge you can punish any player super hard for last hitting and whiffing/using abilities on minions. Shurelyas also helps your team to rush down opponents, can give your jungler opportunities to escape death or secure kills and is an extremely underrated item. One of vel's greatest weaknesses is that he's among the worst roamers in the game which this build circumvents a lot as moving from lane to lane is much less punishing. Roa is good in any matchup because not dying should be your priority - aslong as you are alive you are doing more damage than the idiot that rushed rabadons, protobelt can save you from everything from blitzcrank hooks, thresh q's, sion ultimates and gives vel'koz the one thing you desperately need - mobility. Beyond that you just build exactly what you need are you against zed? a super punishing matchup (unless you know how ;) ) rush zhonyas after shurelyas. Against 4 ap? Shurelyas into veil. So rather than blindly rushing ludens echo (which results in death or you having to play super defensively) you rush defensive items which allows you to act much more independently from your team. -Always max Q not W, w is totally worthless outside of pushing and comboing, has a massive cooldown and compromises your options and safety. Q helps secure kills with improved slow duration and hurts your opponent much more in lane also synergises with arcane comet which W does not. -Before the game starts you assess who the opponents jungler is - if they have something worthless like a master yi or a shyvana, push your opponent in and bully them under tower, auto your minion wave constantly while using ALL abilities on your opponent. If they have lee sin - zac - elise etc - Get level 2 then play super defensively last hitting with auto's only and trying to harass your opponent with q's from great distance if they try to push you in "counterpush" vel is great at keeping the wave where he wants it, if they freeze learn to aim q's from extreme range to last hit and tilt your opponent with your godlike geometry. This is a very important change to mentality i had, as previously i was just "autopiloting" game to game but when your mind is fixated on the opponents jungler rather than the person infront of you in lane, it makes a massive difference to your overall play. I don't rely on my team to say "ss" like we're bronze and neither should you. -Learn when to use laser to push waves and when to use it just to deal substantial damage (not even going for the kill), a yasuo player at 1/3rd health is much less likely to all in you. So managing your opponents health bar is very important. Me -Not dying is much more important than - killing my opponent. -Ask yourself constantly what am i doing next? In the past i would just float around aimlessly in mid but you have to proactively seek GOLD, always farm camps if you have nothing better to do, take the blue for yourself between waves etc. Too tired to continue but i will post this i don't really care goodbye <3
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