I am destroying games because of Riot

So, 2 years abstinence from the ranked system and you guys think it's okay for me to still stay at Platinum or high gold MMR. I am not even losing games on purpose right now but I'm telling you that I am ruining the games for probably 100s of players because your MMR system does not do it's job. I am currently Bronze1, I am not losing LP when I'm losing, when I'm winning I get 70! LP. The same shit in normals btw, I had to lose around 90+ games in a row to even get enemies who are considered normal ppl (low gold). So dear riot, why are you not selling us account MMR resets? You full well know that streamers and other ppl who want to troll lowMMR players will do so regardless by buying cheap bronze accounts off of ebay. Do you actually want me to ruin ppl's gaming experience for another I don't know, 30 games?
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