Jhin, the Virtuoso, revealed!

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-GdNz0csfhQs/VpVOrxFGvVI/AAAAAAAA2l8/FcWCQ_SedWo/s1600/image.png **Passive - Whisper:** Jhin’s gun - Whisper - chambers four shots, the last of which always crits and applies extra damage based on a portion of his target’s missing health. After firing all four shots, Jhin takes a moment to reload. Jhin’s crits deal less damage than normal, and his attack speed doesn’t actually scale with attack speed. Instead, Jhin gains attack damage from any attack speed and crit chance he earns through itemization and runes, while crits give him a burst of movement based on his attack speed. *** **Q - Dancing Grenade:** Jhin throws a cannister at a nearby targeted enemy. After landing, the cannister bounces up to four times on other nearby enemies. Killing an enemy with Dancing Grenade causes the following bounces to deal extra damage. *** **W - Deadly Flourish:** Passive: Enemy champions that have been struck by Jhin’s basic attacks, Captive Audience, or any allied damage are marked for a few seconds. Active: Jhin fires a massively long range shot that damages all enemy minions and the first enemy champion in a target direction. If the enemy champion he strikes has already been marked, they’re briefly rooted, while Jhin himself gains a burst of movement speed. *** **E - Captive Audience:** Jhin places a trap on the ground that turns invisible after arming. Enemy champions that walk over the trap trigger it, revealing and marking them with Deadly Flourish and creating a large slowing zone. After a brief pause, the trap detonates, damaging all enemies inside its explosion. *** **R - Curtain Call:** Jhin fully assembles his weapon before taking aim in a target direction, revealing all marked targets in a huge area. He can then fire four rounds that stop at the first enemy champion struck, slowing them and dealing damage based on their missing health. Jhin’s fourth and final shot with Curtain Call deals massively increased damage and is guaranteed to crit. *** *** My thoughts: This is awesome. I suck at normal marksmen, but I'm going to instabuy Jhin so I have someone I can play when I get forced to ADC. His gameplay pattern seems pretty interesting, also FINALLY A GOD DAMN ULT THAT ONLY EXISTS TO DEAL DAMAGE I'VE WAITED SINCE VEL'KOZ. (Oh and I was right, his ult doesn't have more danger of "killing himself" than VK's, I get a cookie now Swampert919.) The only thing I have no clue about is his lore, he appears to be pretty... incoherent so far and his ability names don't seem to match his appearance, but I'm certain we will still get an awesome backstory. *** EDIT: I was at +8, congratulations and a cookie to whoever downvote botted me. Probably to get your own thread on the front page, lol. Or was it just Bukachu? We will never know.

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