Viktor is weak

Viktor was one of my favourite midlane champion for some time now. Noone played him, when I picked him up. Bought Creator Viktor skin for him, its just so badass, its my favourite skin in the game. Now I never want to play him, because Its not fun to loose most of the games even if I do well with him. He was balanced before the nerfs to his E, even then he was playable, but with the mage update he became a champ that brings nothing (you pick him if you want to have fun and you plan to loose anyway). His main ability E got nerfed to the ground along with his ult. He is practically sh'it tier now. Problems with him : -you have to upgrade his skills with gold but they are mediocre now at best. -his laser never hits anyone (2nd effect) -his ult deals damage for staying in it for 2 sec. (everyone and their mother can flash or dash out of it) Only 1 good thing was done for him in exchange for making him useless, his Q gives stronger shield . Viktor was a burst mage with some decent poke with his E. Now he is good at nothing. Its not fair to ruin a champion just to make the boring lcs more interesting. Even if the problem was that he could farm with his E easily, just nerf his E damage to minions thats all. Not ruin the whole champ just because he was picked 1 season. Either revert him back and cut his damage to minions or rework him completely. Some ideas that could make Viktor better. -If he puts his ult on his W , his W will stun instantly or burst his ult into an explosion removing both ult and W at the same time. -revert back his E and cut his damage to minions. -ult is terribly now rework it completely or rewert it to continous damage. -charge his Q. (the higher the charge , the higher the range and lower the damage)

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