Friends, help a poor man out...

Hi Everyone, I've been playing since late season 3. I love this game and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I have played 1000's of Normal and Team Builder games, and I would love to get into ranked, and see where I get. I am not the best player by any means, but I think I am ok. I win my lane more often than not, but I seem to drop off after the laning phase ends. Anyway, this is my issue (something I need to work on), and its not the point of my post. So what is the point of my post?. I get very nervous playing ranked games, and It affects how I play. Currently this season, I'm Sat in Silver 3, with 18 wins and 25 losses. I cant seem to get over the fact that I have (far) more losses than wins, and its making me think twice before I queue again, in case the situation gets worse. I will admit, that I believe I have been unlucky with the teams I've been getting. When we loose we've usually last the game after 10 mins, but I'm not one of those players who is going to blame it all on other people, as there is certainly stuff I could have done better. Has anyone had this before?. A long loose streak before stuff really started to pick up?, or does anyone have any tips or mantras for how to get over the anxiety?. Thanks in advance, Ceph
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