My champion i have made

Before I say anything i just want to let you know that my paint skills really aren't that great, I hope you got the point on how Nirvan looks like though Nirvan / The evil magician Passive - Every 20 second his next basic attack slows and deals damage to enemy units Nirvan attacks Q - deals magic damage and marks enemies (10/8/6/5/4) W - is a skillshot in form of a laser that last for 2 seconds, if the enemy is marked the laser deals more damage (kind of like Vel'koz R) (16/14/12/10/8) E - skillshot in form of circle, that lasts 2 seconds. Everyone who steps on it is rooted for 1.5 seconds, if the enemy champion is marked, e stuns for 1 second(12/10/9/8/6.5) R - Nirvan can make enemies disappear, every enemy who he ults disappear for 5 seconds and then comes back (110/100/90) Nirvan is a mage, he has long blonde hair, black suit and grey stick
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