Why League doesn't Work As An Competitive Game

Here's the thing with League ,Riot catering more to people like me ,scrubs who don't take the game seriously ,and play League once a while. League doesn't work as an competitive game because there's a massive difference between pro League of Legends ,and real League of Legends. When Dunkey said "there are 7 %%%%%%s ,and 3 decent guys" ,in bronze/silver elo all 10 players are terrible ,and that's why making League as team oriented as it is now ,is a stupid idea. Making League team oriented at a pro level works because everyone is amazing at the game ,but in real League it doesn't. I thought solo queue in CSGO was terrible ,but in League is way worse ,If I do well enough in CSGO ,I can carry games myself ,but since Riot Games wants to cater to as many players as possible like COD does ,and that ruins League of Legends for me. The fact that a one idiot can just ruin the game for me ,is dumb. If individual skill matters like it does in Counter Strike ,then I should be able to 1v5 if I'm fed enough. League is such a joke.
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